During 2010, Greece came under the supervision of IMF and EU. The fear of poverty and financial recession has built up a feeling of social unrest. Memories of the Greek riots, according to the media, have created the expectation in Greece and abroad, of new, more violent riots. Influenced by this atmosphere, I am trying to create artworks and series of actions with social profile. My interest is for the behaviors, inner thoughts and the emotions of the people.

I want to give form to feelings that where intuitively provoked by the signs of unrest that I receive from all around me. I use the objects and the symbols that are plentifully scattered in the ruins of our social and political life. I am interested to represent the outcome of every human personhood and inner individuality.

My artwork is a metaphor for all the financially devastated countries all over the world. I try to find why, we are looking for happiness, but the certainty has bigger importance for us. Essentially I haven’t found anything yet , however, I enjoy searching.