Our present era has no heroes and definitely has no Myths analogous to those that humanity has given us. I chose the theme of Myths, because by their very nature these primitive stories are slowly revealing themselves to the viewer-receiver and they have multilevel reading, multi-layer content. They are slowly unfolding as we explore them, and our understanding of them is interwoven with our time and our concentration to them. This is how this new series is revealing to the viewer, the qualities and the hidden symbolic values.

Mythos series is appearing with too much information’s that have numerous specific hidden stories for the eyes of the uninitiated and at the same time, contains within those artworks the man’s vanity, love and the ambition of human nature.
Mythos series manages in visual terms the spirituality of mankind that have inspired us throughout time, in what we are today and at the same time, manages to remind us, through aesthetic propositions what the human creativity can do.

I approached the myths of the world with consistency. Basically, i present the primordial power of the image at the level of abstraction and the spiritual lyricism at the level of pluralism. My new series is a bold approach that unites the disparities of the past with the future.
The abstract and the minimal, with, the baroque and the pluralism of the image in a composition of mythological depth.
Those artworks from my new series “Mythos” are organized with both freedom and ascetic temperament that can transform time and space for the viewer and for this purpose, I continue in this higher vision in the sense of an inner sanctuary.

Humans are crafted from stories. A straight-line labyrinth that we all call, life.
At this mythical storytelling path, we are looking for those stories in their most archetype and basic ways and at the same time, we recognize a fresh and a modern view of a new vocabulary in the art itself.
I am trying to create artworks that work as an instigator for the eyes and the spirit of the viewer, into a visual and almost aesthetical abaton.
Mythos series is a hidden labyrinth and a treasure of symbols, mathematics, astronomy, music and philosophy.
After all, this is art. An aesthetic vocabulary for the Minotaurism omnivore spirit, the hungry eyes and the labyrinthine soul.