trojan horse

In times of gifts and false promises …. the willingness of European Union and the IMF to help Greece seems to our eyes now like “Trojan” dilemmas.
In times of economic benefits that straddle ethics and universal values, you might have to accept these gifts with “Trojan” critical thinking. Perhaps in these times that we consume unsustainable stamina, our subservient is to transform this modern psychological sneaky war.
Let us remember who we are and try to think that maybe, the common enemy, is not hidden inside the Trojan Horse of the new political order of materialism , but instead ,is hidden inside of each one of us.
The sculpture is entitled “Trojan Horse” resembles the modern comforts’ era and its concerns with the symbol that gave the victory to the Greeks at war with the Trojans. The difference between the ancient Horse and this symbolic sculpture is that I have added 2 keyholes and 2 mirrors in them. The reason I did this is because I think we all want to see the intimate details of each structure, each presence. Especially, when this proposal revives memories and memories of other times. Within each horse hiding always those who will bear the adjacent strategic importance and change. Instead of seeing the hidden unknown, the secret abusers, we discover our own self, why the mirror. Thus made two successive reversals. One is the very symbol of the Trojans, where is characteristic to time, we place these holes that allow us to look into it, since we all know pretty much what hiding in it and secondly, to overthrow the self Our refuse disposal expected to enter the same position for all we have been encroaching, in fact we are perpetrators of this situation.